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Laura Hills is an artist and musician based in London. Her work explores the interplay between different architectural and spatial elements such as surface, depth and form, examining how these elements can be manipulated to disrupt the viewer’s spatial perception, orientation and experience. By inviting the viewer to engage with her work in both conceptual and sensory ways, she aims to create installations that provoke personal and proprioceptive responses to space and place.

Laura works with different formats which include site specific installations, wall-based work and sound art/compositions. She employs various mediums and techniques, with a particular current focus on wax and frames, tissue paper and sewing patterns. 

Laura is an emerging visual artist and has contributed to exhibitions and performances including the Plas Bodfa Continuum (2022) and the Contemporary Music Proms (2022). She is a musician and composer and her first album ‘Inside Out’ was released by Linear Obsessional in 2022. She has also contributed to other albums by Cities and Memories and the Women’s Collective and is co-organiser of the Caer Llan Jazz Summer School.

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